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Security Guards in Bristol

Our professional security guards are trained and experienced security personnel who play a vital role in protecting Bristol’s individuals, businesses, and organisations. These guards are trained in conflict management, first aid, and emergency response and can provide a wide range of security services to meet each client’s specific needs. They are licensed and regulated by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), ensuring they meet high training standards, professionalism, and integrity. Our security guards provide various security services, including access control, patrols, CCTV monitoring, risk assessment, and emergency response.

In addition to providing a physical presence to deter criminal activity, our security guards can also provide peace of mind to clients, allowing them to focus on their business activities without worrying about security concerns. They can work closely with clients to develop customised security plans to meet their specific needs and concerns, providing a comprehensive and effective security solution that enhances the safety and security of their premises, assets, and personnel. Contact Sites Security Services for trained and licensed security guards in Leeds and surrounding areas.

Versatile Security Solutions with Trained Security Officers

Security guard services can be hired for a variety of security needs, including:

Static Guards

Static guards are trained security personnel who provide on-site security services to businesses and organisations. These guards are stationed at a specific location, such as a building entrance or construction site, and are responsible for monitoring activity, controlling access, and responding to security incidents.

They can provide a range of security services, including:

Professional static guards are licensed and can work closely with local law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety and security of clients. They can tailor their services to meet each client’s specific needs, providing a comprehensive security solution that includes risk assessment, security planning, implementation, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

Security Patrolling

Security patrolling is a service provided by security personnel who conduct regular patrols of a property or area to detect and deter criminal activity, ensure people’s and property’s safety, and respond to security incidents. Security patrolling can be conducted on foot, by car, or by bike and customised to meet each client’s requirements.

Community Security

Community security is a collaborative effort between trained security personnel and local residents, businesses, and organisations to ensure the safety and security of the community. This approach to security involves building relationships with community members, identifying security concerns, and working together to develop solutions to prevent incidents and promote a safe and secure environment.

Community security can provide a range of benefits, including:

Benefits Our Security Guard Company Brings to You

Our security services can bring a range of benefits to you as an individual or organisation: