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Alarm Systems & Monitoring

Fire alarms

Sites Security Services markets a variety of fire alarms that enable our clients to safeguard their premises against smoke and fire damage. Our firm provides practical and dependable alarms to suit our client’s specific requirements, regardless of their businesses’ type, size, and location. We have a committed team of in-house fire alarm experts who are here to meet your needs and take charge of every step of your fire detection and alarm systems, offering both automatic and manual fire systems.

Our security products include smoke detectors, integrated public address systems, manual fire alarm points, and heat detectors. We also conduct full audits of the premises to ascertain the appropriate fire alarm systems best suited to our client’s needs.
Additionally, our alarms are connected to our own 24/7 alarm systems, from which we can contact the fire brigade should there be a fire incident. In this way, we ensure a prompt response that reduces the risk of property damage and financial losses for our clients. Having an effective fire alarm system installed will also significantly reduce insurance premiums.

Intruder Alarms

An intruder alarm system from Sites Security Services is a cost-effective way to ensure 24-hour security for your business and premises. Besides being a visible deterrent, there is evidence that intruder alarm systems can minimize vandalism, trespassing, and theft. The alarm systems are effective regardless of the size or line of business and can be adopted in any business environment. We offer a wide range of alarm systems depending on your budget, and our teams can custom-make the alarm system to suit your specific business needs.

All of our security alarm systems feature modern motion detection sensors and have been specially made to be easy to operate and flexible, thereby making them suitable for an array of businesses. Besides installing the alarm systems, the thorough training our security staff has received allows them to respond promptly and accordingly should the alarms go off, ensuring your premises are secure and well protected. Besides offering peace of mind, a professional security alarm system can also minimize your business insurance premiums significantly.

Key Holding

Sites Security Services have acted as the principal key holder for alarm activations for many different businesses over the years. Our key holding services have proven useful in increasing the safety of varying sites by minimizing the risk and inconvenience personnel go through every time a break-in is detected, or an alarm is activated. We guarantee to secure your key, and if the alarm goes off, one of our highly skilled and licensed key-holding guards will promptly respond, regardless of the time or location, to assess the reason for the alarm activation.

Utilizing our key holding services can significantly lower insurance premiums, whilst reducing any risk posed to your workforce. They can also reduce your business cost, considering that there will be no need for a physical on-site security guard. Each key holding staff member has received a thorough training process to equip them with the skills necessary to respond adequately should any incident occur. The fact that we have installed GPS tracking systems in our vehicles ensures that we can access your premises promptly any time the alarm is triggered. Furthermore, we work closely with the police and fire brigade to ensure you get the best possible security services.

Alarm Response

Sites Security Services has a record of responding to alarm triggers for almost a decade. The 24-hour service is advantageous to businesses of every nature, size, and location, as it makes sure our client’s keys are securely stored at the site of their choice. Our SIA-licensed and trained security staff are available around the clock to respond in the event the alarm is triggered, working promptly to access the site where your keys are stored before conducting a thorough internal and external surveillance of the premises to ascertain the reason for the alarm activation. Our alarm response has been proven to be the most cost-effective and quickest method of responding when the alarm goes off.

We recognize that our prompt response and arrival at your premises are paramount to mitigating any disruption to regular operations. We have, therefore, invested in GPS tracking to ensure our response teams access your premises as quickly and effectively as possible. Upon response, depending on our assessment and your needs, our guards can remain on-site monitoring the premises until you are confident and feel safe. As well as lowering insurance premiums, our services can significantly reduce the risk of exposing your staff to having to respond to unexpected and unsafe occurrences.

Access Control

Sites Security Services offers various access control systems that help monitor and control access to your premises, ensuring that only authorized persons gain access to the building. We can provide custom-made access control systems suited to your specific needs, ranging from door entry systems such as biometric scanners, to complex multi-site systems.

Our team of access control experts will tailor the systems to suit your business needs and conduct regular site visits to make sure we are continuing to offer maximum security. Additionally, after installation, our staff will regularly monitor and record any unauthorized access attempts from our firm’s control systems, enabling us to generate automatic alerts for a guaranteed prompt response. Additionally, we offer training to ensure your workforce is fully equipped with the knowledge to use the system, minimizing any risk of human error.