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Sites Security Services offers a myriad of services ranging from public sector safeguarding to commercial security. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring safe and secure environments for our clients, regardless of the size, location, and sector within which their businesses operate. Our security guards are thoroughly vetted, trained, ISO-certified, and SIA-approved. We have also invested heavily in doing quality background checks to ascertain that our staff can operate under ethical and legal standards. This comprehensive recruitment process ensures that we remain among the leading security services providers in the UK.

The rigorous in-house training process that we conduct ensures that our security guards are personable, proudly, politely, and positively representing your business when interacting with your customers, visitors, and the general public. Furthermore, our security guards are committed to upholding our clients’ company values and codes of conduct at all times. The specific expertise we have within the security services industry enables us to provide expert advice to our clients on the best security options for their businesses. Our goal is to keep your business, staff, and premises secure at all times by offering a comprehensive yet cost-effective and reliable service.

Concierge/reception and static security guards

Sites Security Services understands that the smallest detail can make a significant difference, particularly when it concerns reception and concierge duty. This level of detail enables our staff to provide unprecedented levels of client service and satisfaction. We offer visitors welcoming concierge and reception services in addition to on-site security services. Our team focuses on delivering a friendly, professional, and top-notch service right from when visitors enter your premises. We pride ourselves in offering reliable and efficient concierge services regardless of the line of business, size, or location.

Additionally, our personnel is trained to act professionally and adhere to our clients’ codes of conduct, upholding their company values. The rigorous training process that our security, reception, and concierge staff receive ensures that they can efficiently and courteously tackle any eventuality that may arise, including fire outbreak. Ranging from reception services to on-site security services, we successfully meet our client’s expectations by tailoring our services to accommodate their complex needs and requirements.

Canine security dogs

Canine security dogs are quite useful as a visual deterrent to intruders and serve as an additional detection resource that helps human guards to find invaders. The Security dogs have proven helpful in different scenarios, including looking for active trespassers and searching for contraband. They are useful in this sector as the dogs have a stronger sense of smell and hearing than humans and are thus an ideal choice for our clients.

Additionally, in the event human guards face a threat in which they are outnumbered, canine security dogs also prove essential. The dog handlers at Sites Security Services are trained explicitly according to the NASDU standards and are fully licensed by the SIA. We are, therefore, confident in providing quality canine security dog services.

Mobile security patrols

Sites Security Services is a renowned security services provider with experience spanning close to a decade. We have successfully provided mobile security patrols over the years to businesses in different sectors throughout the UK. Mobile patrols are comparatively more cost-effective when compared to having physical on-site security personnel. In the event alarm systems and CCTV surveillance is not adequate, our mobile security patrol team guarantees to offer extra security on your premises. Contracting our mobile patrol services enables our staff to conduct comprehensive inspections at your site and act as a deterrent to any criminal activity or unauthorized access to your property. We provide random site visits and building spot checks and can discuss a favorable package that meets your business needs and budget.

Skilled security guards are like a fortress for properties, construction sites, corporate entities, and commercial businesses. They’re the ones standing watch 24/7, ensuring your property is safe and secure from unwanted visitors. Think of them as your own personal bodyguards but for your property to act as a deterrent to potential thieves and vandals, and security breaches.

All in all, security guards are an invaluable asset to any property owner. They provide protection, peace of mind, and an extra layer of security that simply can’t be replicated using technology or alarms alone. So, if you want to keep your property safe and secure, don’t hesitate to invest in reliable armed security guard services. Your property (and your wallet) will thank you for it.

We’re Your Trusted Companions for Your Security Needs

Sites Security Services is a leading nationwide company and has been providing top security solutions to businesses across the UK for almost a decade. We prioritise quality and excellence in everything we do at our security guard company, and we believe that continuous professional development is key to providing our clients with trusted security guard hire services.

At Sites Security Services, we care about the well-being and safety of our staff, conducting regular health and safety checks and providing them with a 24/7 toll-free helpline for assistance. This way, we ensure that our staff perfectly fits your security needs and protection. Trust us to safeguard your business with our expert security solutions and facilities management services.

Canine security dogs

From covering construction sites to protecting your office, we work across all sectors where there is a need for expert security and protection. Moreover, you can hire us any time, day or night, for whatever period. Our team can protect you for a short term to a span of years according to your needs and requirements. We have a portfolio of work in several fields with a wide range of security services, but we’re not limited to these:

If you want any of these security services or are looking for the one not mentioned here, you can contact us and discuss your details, and we’ll provide you with the solution. Our team is assembled to secure you, your family, your business, and your properties and resolve your security-related queries. Contact us today!

Our Clients Trust Our Reliable Security Services

Sites Security Services strive to maintain the trust of its clients. We meticulously select those who are all trained to meet the rigorous national standards of BS7858 and BS7499. In addition, our security guards undergo an intensive four-week induction program, followed by quarterly site-specific exams, to ensure they always deliver their best work:

We aim to be the best one-stop security solution for all your security and protection needs. Therefore, we are heavily working on our strategies, training our team on the latest technological advancements in the field, and upgrading how we work to meet modern security needs. Our clients trust our services since they are reliable and convenient.

Talk to Our Team and Discuss Your Security Concerns

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond just security services. We also offer comprehensive facilities management packages that work hand in hand with building and facilities managers to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions that suit their specific needs. We are your one-stop partners for your security and management needs; we aim to give you peace of mind.

Sites Security Services prides itself on providing its clients with reliable, efficient, cost-effective security and facilities management services. Whether you need urgent guard hire services or comprehensive facilities management solutions, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn how we can help protect your business and enhance your operations.