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Site Security Services London

You need the construction site security services London

Your construction site needs to be secured to protect workers and the general public as equipment, supplies, and tools. Site security services London understand how important it is to keep your construction site safe. Our specialised site prevention methods include concrete barriers, temporary mobile CCTV towers, and staffed security.

Our security solutions avoid these repercussions; we design solutions to prevent crime and protect your site and its vital assets. For example, site security services have provided effective and dependable site protection solutions to several London under-construction sites, providing the safety of employees and equipment.

Solar-Powered Camera Tower

When our specially designed CCTV towers are in place, they can be quickly deployed and programmed to protect large, open areas. To ensure that we can view your facility from every angle, install a six-m telescopic mast with a CCTV camera.

This particular piece of equipment is a compact CCTV tower that can be quickly deployed to a desired location. It comes equipped with two sizable solar panels, ensuring a reliable and sustainable source of power. Their combined efforts ensure the CCTV tower’s continual operation. CCTV towers may also be powered by mains electricity supplies. This dependable and prompt solution for site security in London is easily installable and uninstallable. 

Intruder detection using closed-circuit television

Our CCTV systems, whether permanent or temporary, are set up to record so that they can be seen from any computer or mobile device. In addition, it is possible to place many passive infrared sensors to give trigger points, such as inputs and outputs, which a camera can point to and concentrate on when activated.

In the event of an occurrence, our alarm receiving centre can monitor it and capture video proof as needed. Activation of burglar and fire alarms, video-verified alarm systems, and other security measures can be observed by our professional team so that we can respond quickly in case of a break-in or fire.

We used video evidence to verify the alarm.

Many types of sensors are used in classic alarm systems, but they do not always reveal what triggered the alarm; they simply activate it. For example, video-verified alarm systems, like ours, use an in-built camera to record a brief video of the occurrence that initiated the forewarning, which is then sent to the end-user or our central monitoring station for review.

Then using this information, the appropriate response is determined based on the amount of perceived danger. Using video-verified alerts to keep an eye on construction sites is a proven way to avoid dispatching a response team in case of a false alarm or an actual one that needs to be addressed.

Barriers made of concrete blocks

Keeping out trespassers, especially flytraps, at construction sites spread out over large areas can be challenging. In order to protect a sizable area, a continuous physical barrier can be erected, while smaller openings, such as the space between trees along a roadway, can be secured with concrete barrier blocks.

We can erect concrete barriers to prevent vehicles from being used to transport stolen goods by thieves. Toppling is also a significant issue if your site is left unattended for a lengthy period on open or undeveloped land when the building is still building a property.

Why use site security services?

With our extensive experience and expertise in construction site security services London, we can provide our clients with exceptional value and one point of contact for all their security needs, saving time and money.

As a leading security company, we proudly hold several high-profile accreditations. Other industries in which we have worked include significant water authorities and construction enterprises, transportation infrastructure, and law enforcement.