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Fire Marshals

At Sites Security Services, we recognize the significance of hiring the right fire marshal firm for your premises. We highly regard the importance of fire safety and the need to respond to a fire, promptly ensuring staff, visitors, property, and the general public’s safety. We offer fire prevention and fire cover services in every sector, including learning institutions, construction sites, movie and theatre industries, markets, corporate offices, leisure and hotel industry, warehouses, hospital residential buildings, and other private and public housing. We are committed to ensuring your premises are securely guarded against fire-associated threats through our team of highly skilled and experienced fire wardens.

All of our fire marshals receive regular training from both internal and external experts to ensure they are updated with current safety regulations and procedures. Among the things our wardens are trained to do are to conduct fire risk assessments, appropriate fire response strategies, conduct fire drills for the staff, call emergency services, alert the occupants of the premises within 10 minutes, keep updated records of every detail in a logbook and to conduct immediate evacuation in the event of a fire. We treat every fire alarm activation with utmost and equal priority, regardless of whether it is false or real, and respond accordingly.

Our staff members are advised to contact the relevant emergency care officials to offer any first aid and medical services necessary during fire outbreaks. Throughout the fire incident, the fire marshals are in constant communication, ensuring that two-way radios are available to ensure that our central control room is always online to tackle our clients’ queries. With competitive prices, we can provide short-term to long-term services depending on your needs.


Sites Security Services recognizes how demanding and challenging it is to maintain a workplace. As such, we ensure that our services go beyond security options by providing labourers to carry out maintenance and other odd jobs at competitive prices. These jobs could include laying bricks, building walls, fitting windows, plastering surfaces, digging trenches, and laying foundations.

Additionally, we offer cleaning and housekeeping services that ensure businesses and private residential and commercial buildings are kept well-maintained for your staff and visitors. To be certain that our labourers deliver according to our client’s expectations, we assign a senior-level project manager to oversee their handiwork, who acts as a point of contact between you and our firm. We are continuously devising strategies to improve our services, such that our client’s needs and requirements are fully met.

Traffic marshals

Sites Security Services specializes in offering security and traffic marshals to premises and institutions for a diverse clientele. Our focus on client satisfaction and continuous feedback allows us to develop procedures that ensure we deliver high-quality service to our customers. We deploy our traffic marshals to traffic hotspots, construction sites, learning institutions, and vehicle parking lots, amongst other areas. Our traffic marshals’ responsibilities include providing safety for automobiles and pedestrian traffic on the client’s premises and overseeing the general public’s safety. As a result of rigorous training, our staff is equipped with the necessary hand signals and traffic equipment information that enables them to communicate and coordinate movements within client sites.

Additionally, the fire marshals protect traffic and pedestrian routes, maintain security surveillance and supervise visitors who are wearing the appropriate health and safety wear. They have all received the relevant training and licensing to perform their duties and are committed to ensuring our clients’ complex and diverse needs are met. To that end, we encourage our customers to provide continuous feedback that helps us monitor the performance of our staff. Our team of dedicated traffic marshals is ready to assess our client’s needs and provide the most competitive prices.

Warehouse Staff

Sites Security Services is deeply aware that the strength of your logistics and warehouse security directly impacts the business bottom line. Our warehouse security staff are dedicated to managing the huge volume of inbound and outbound traffic in distribution centres, monitoring staff traffic, as well as safeguarding the products and machines that strengthen your company’s supply chain.

We are experienced in merchandise, warehouse, and pharmaceutical supply centres. Our services provide assistance during emergencies and ensure on-site security during labour strikes. Among the services we offer are mobile patrol services, armed and unarmed security personnel, alarm response and verification, security consulting, CCTV installation, surveillance and monitoring, truck seal management, access control, and fire watch services.

Fire watch officers are the unsung heroes of fire safety. These dedicated individuals work tirelessly to ensure that buildings are up to code and that fire hazards are minimized. They’re the ones who make sure that your workplace, your school, and even your own home are safe from the devastating effects of fires. But their work doesn’t stop there. Fire marshal services also work closely with other emergency services and departments to ensure a coordinated response to fires and other emergencies. They’re the ones who make sure that firefighters have the information they need to respond quickly and effectively.

Our Fire Watch Officers Are Well-Trained for Their Job

Sites Security Services is a reputed name for providing top-notch facility management and security services throughout the UK. With over ten years of experience in the industry, our reputation for delivering reliable security services to a diverse array of businesses and sectors precedes us. We provide world-class security and protection.

At our company, we recognize the importance of having dependable fire marshal services with a skilled team of fire marshals in the UK. Our dedication to your safety extends to protecting your premises from fire-related hazards. We have a team of well-trained and experienced fire wardens who are committed to securing your property against such threats.

We Take Care of Everything to Ensure Safety and Protection

Sites Security Services, as a reputed company, has to ensure that everything goes well from our side to ensure the safety of your property. All the fire marshals at our company know the fire safety regulations and procedures and have the necessary expertise to deal with any unwanted situation. Our fire marshals take care of the following things:

Our Fire Marshals Have a Quick Response Time

We have been in the field providing fire protection services for over a decade. We have faced many such incidents and have protected hundreds of people from fire. Hence, if the situation exacerbates, our staff is trained to respond quickly and efficiently to evacuate and protect you. They react in the following ways in case of an emergency.

During a fire incident, our fire marshals keep communicating with each other via two-way radios, and our central control room is always available to address any concerns from our clients. To make it more convenient, we offer competitive prices for short-term and long-term services to meet your needs.

We Cover Diverse Sectors

At Sites Security Services, we are dedicated to providing highly skilled and experienced fire wardens to secure your premises against fire-associated threats. Our fire cover and fire prevention services are available for all sectors, including but not limited to:

Our Fire Marshals Demonstrate Peak Professionalism

Fire marshalling is essential in promoting fire safety preparedness, preventing fires before they occur and ensuring a coordinated response in emergencies, all of which help protect people, properties and businesses. Our team and fire warden services at Sites Security Services are known for your welfare and safety.

We offer bespoke fire management solutions designed according to your specific requirements – before it happens. If you have been looking for a reliable fire marshal inspection, we invite you to contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help protect your business. Let’s take care together!