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Sector-Specific Security

Sites Security Services offers our security services across different sectors, meeting sector-specific needs and requirements. The experience that we have amassed over the years has enabled us to perform exceptionally successfully for every customer. As a single point of contact for various business services, we can allocate time for management and administration duties for your personnel, offering you an efficient and flexible array of services. Additionally, we tailor our security solutions according to your needs, be they a single solution or integrated services. We have specific expertise in the following sectors: 


Sites Security Services recognizes that local and national government departments have a significant role in ensuring society operates as it should. As such, our company offers a broad range of services to enable public servants to work within a safe, secure, and healthy environment, providing peace of mind to them as they deliver their duties. We work closely with government departments to optimize the management of taxpayers’ money and ensure efficient facility management through collaborative cost-saving initiatives.

We also play a vital role in public buildings and offices managed by the government. Specifically, our firm can implement adequate security services to help counter-terror activities and ensure a safe environment for other users. We have incorporated the latest technologies to ascertain that our services are responsive, sustainable, efficient, and follow statutory policies and regulations. We are confident that Site Security Services can provide a comprehensive security solution to meet your needs, regardless of your level of authority.

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Social Housing

We have extensive experience working for clients within the housing sector. Sites Security Services provides sustainable and cost-effective maintenance services, ensuring that social housing stock is stored under suitable conditions for existing and future tenants. Due to constant pressure on social housing providers to maximize costs, we collaborate with customers to define efficient operations and cost-saving areas. Our company provides building repairs, improvements, and installations, as well as social housing security which includes insulation and security measures.

Additionally, we provide social housing security, including installing alarms, CCTV, and security fencing, all of which helps to safeguard homes against vandalism and burglary. Our firm serves to offer tangible results following our client’s needs and requirements within the budget made available to us. We pride ourselves on our innate understanding of the social housing sector and ensure that each service we offer is tailored to individual client needs. Sites Security Services operates sustainably, supporting communities and implementing best practices, thereby driving up housing standards.

Sports and Leisure

Sports and leisure facilities have unique security and maintenance requirements. Sites Security Services has developed specialized expertise in the sports and leisure sector, having collaborated with many companies over the years. Regardless of the sporting venue, leisure centre, or tourist attraction site size, we are committed to delivering cost-effective maintenance and security solutions responsive to the client’s needs. Our firm is confident in implementing systems to safeguard our customers’ facilities and businesses, even past business hours.

We have also invested extensively in the latest technologies to maintain a safe, secure, and peaceful environment for your staff and clients. We’ll deploy security guards throughout your site to prevent theft and any unruly behaviour, minimizing potential security breaches. Our firm aims to ensure your facilities’ operations run smoothly by anticipating any problems before they occur. Our team will swiftly provide an effective solution for any security breach. Our business prioritizes sustainability and works efficiently to minimize any sort of wastage.


Schools and learning institutions are committed to creating a secure foundation for the future. Sites Security Services works with colleges and universities to provide essential security and maintenance services, creating a safe environment for the daily operations of learners and teachers.

We aim to ensure that learning facilities are safe, clean, and protected against vandalism, amongst other undesirable behaviours.
Education providers are seeking cost-effective strategies to ensure efficiency due to tight finances within the sector. Our goal as a security firm is to adopt innovative technologies to offer noticeable and sustainable results at competitive prices, enabling learning institutions to achieve their objectives. We work with various educational facilities, from kindergarten to higher learning institutions and accommodation centres, offering security, maintenance, and repair services.


Delivering services within the retail industry comes with a lot of pressures and demands. Sites Security Services aims to offer professional security services that minimize incidents associated with burglary, shoplifting, and antisocial behaviour, thereby reducing stock losses and overall business losses. We create a tailored approach for each of our clients, who range in size from small shops to arcades, banks, and even supermarkets.

We are the ideal choice for providing maintenance and security services in the retail sector, as we will ensure cost savings and reduce the risk of possible protection-associated losses. We are confident in our staff; they are all SIA-approved and ISO-certified. Besides deploying security guards to the stores, we also offer CCTV and alarm systems to strengthen the security of the retail businesses. We give retail companies the freedom to focus on their core operations without worrying about the store’s safety, staff, and even customers.


In the corporate world, excellent security measures, top-tier building maintenance, and appealing business facilities are crucial not only for partners but also for customers and investors. Our purpose at Sites Security Services is to take care of the corporate businesses’ security and maintenance needs, enabling them to channel their focus on delivering the best of services and, in turn, meeting their client’s needs. Our extensive range of services for corporations includes deploying highly skilled and professional reception staff to guarantee a positive and lasting impression on all visitors.

We also offer ongoing maintenance services to ensure a clean and pleasant working environment. Using the latest security technologies, we have managed to protect our client’s assets, employees, and customers, and we strive to continue safeguarding all of their security needs. We are fully committed to providing customized and timely services that meet the unique requirements of our corporate clients.