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Industrial & Construction Site Security

Industrial security

Sites Security Services is a highly reliable provider of industrial gates, barriers, fencing, and top-notch security solutions for vacant parcels of land. Our clients can rest assured that their restricted areas are well-secured and protected at all times. Our team of business security experts has effectively helped different premises enhance their site security and is available to assess your specific needs, equipping you with the appropriate tools and barriers to secure your property. Our security fencing and barriers can be used as a stand-alone solution or be integrated with our other security solutions. The barriers, fences, and bollards are tailored to meet industry standards and are accompanied by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Besides providing security systems, we also offer full installation services. Among the barriers, we market are traffic management controls, robust beam options, hydraulic beam variants, electronic and manual entrance solutions, safety loops and push control units, and automatic barrier systems with full lighting skirts. The bollards section features automatic rising bollards, static and hoop bollards, domestic, street, and residential bollards, impact-tested bollards, and manual retractable bollards. Lastly, we also offer palisade security fencing, customized security gates, pedestrian guard rails, railings, mesh security fencing, and chain link security fencing.

Construction site CCTV

Sites Security Services offers custom-made CCTV installation, surveillance, and exterior alarm detection services for construction sites. Construction companies are dealing with losses associated with theft and vandalism every week. Our CCTV systems operate as a visible and physical deterrent to unauthorized visitors, in addition to minimizing attacks from petty and hardened criminals. Our CCTV tower is unique and fully integrated to deter and prevent construction site crime, enhance project management, and offer health and safety monitoring. Our construction site CCTV systems can be connected in real-time to central control, ensuring 24-hour clock surveillance. Additionally, we have ensured that our cameras have high-resolution footage, providing quality data that can be useful during legal proceedings.

The key features of our construction sites’ CCTV are that the systems are environmentally friendly, are fully monitored around the clock, are vandal-proof, have a 72-hour battery backup, have built-in audio speakers, have smart video analytics that minimizes false alarms by up to 90%, and that they allow smartphone and tablet monitoring. Our control station is manned by highly trained and SIA-licensed staff. Our monitoring station has adopted the latest version of the “Sentinel Plus” and ‘Immix’ platform, ensuring compatibility with Concept Pro. We are, therefore, confident in providing reliable, high-quality, and effective remote CCTV monitoring services.

Construction site security

Construction site security can be challenging and comes with unique needs and issues that have to be addressed. Sites Security Services has experience working with building and construction companies to ensure site safety and protection from trespassers and criminals. Our firm contracts health and safety officers who conduct thorough risk assessments to understand the potential hazards and threats that may arise at the site. We then develop a customized security strategy based on the OSH report, ensuring maximum security and safeguarding your assets and personnel.

We provide services such as on-site security patrols that protect the construction site and keep updated records of any incidents that may arise whilst on guard. In addition, we also provide mobile patrol services as and when needed at the construction sites, CCTV installation and surveillance services, and access control. Considering that criminals deem construction sites an easy target, our security team is always available to ensure the safety of equipment, materials, and tools. Additionally, the guards work around the clock to prevent vandalism and deter unauthorized persons from entry, thereby minimizing any potential danger.

Vacant property security

Vacant properties are an easy target for intruders and are prone to vandalism. At Sites Security Services, we know how vital it is to you that your vacant property is secured and that any trespassers or squatters are deterred. Our vacant property security also serves to protect against certain visitors, such as urban explorers that may have malicious intentions that could lead to property damage. We operate on the notion that only the owners of the vacant property, among other authorized persons, are the ones that should access it. As such, our team of dedicated security guards can help protect your vacant property against unwelcome visitors.

Our comprehensive vacant property protection services include installing CCTV, and alarm systems and deploying static security officers at the site. We work around the clock to preserve the condition and value of your property.