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Manned Guarding Services

Explaining Manned Guarding Security

We Provide Professional Manned Guarding Service

Sites Security Services provides specialized manned guarding security services by offering guards suitable for your site and your needs. No matter the size of your property or organization, our SIA-licensed and approved guards can fulfil any requirement regarding security.

Areas we cover:

Protect Your Business with Us

We at Site Security Services understand that no two clients have the exact demands and needs; therefore, our manned guarding services are custom-made to reflect this.

Whether you need us to patrol your business area every hour or require a single or a team of guards throughout the night, we can efficiently fulfil your requirements.

We assure you that manned guarding is the ideal solution to safeguard your business against potential threats and vandalism and reduces the cost of insurance.

Manned Guarding Services

How Our Manned Security Secures Your Premises

Here are some of the ways our manned security guard secures your premises:

Sites Security Services: A Firm Providing Peace of Mind

At Sites Security Services, professionalism is our watchword, and the safety of our customers is our top priority. Hiring our manned security services provides the reassurance and peace of mind that our customers need.

We Have Qualified Officers

Sites Security Services hires only licensed and trained officers to deal with and face any situation that may arise while on duty. They have a wealth of experience in site patrols, lock and unlock services, health and safety checks, etc.

A Reassuring Presence

Posting a manned security guard at your building will help create a safe environment for visitors and employees. They reassure staff and employees by being on the lookout for any suspicious activity throughout the day and night. 

Manned Guarding Services to Fit Any Budget

Some businesses overlook the benefits of man guarding their premises, thinking they are small. Don’t let your budget stop you from protecting your place and employees.  Sites Security Services is a manned guarding company that provides excellent services regardless of your budget.

Manned Guarding Services

A Great Impression

Whether our guard is present at a public building, corporate office or a small business, they always create a big impression.

Other notable benefits of our manned guarding security services include:

What Makes Us Stand Out from Other Companies?