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Security Guard Hire in Leeds

As an SIA-approved security guard company in Leeds, we offer various security services to create a safe environment for all your stakeholders. Some of these services include:

Live Response

Our security guards in Leeds can offer security to your properties like no other. Our professional guards provide a live response to any security threat, including intruders and even emergencies like fire. They have been trained to deal with various scenarios and know how to respond. They can also help identify your property’s vulnerable or sensitive parts that may require additional coverage or security. They can help with identifying any components which need repairs or replacements. In case of a hazard, security guards can help evacuate property safely and without chaos. Residential and commercial properties can benefit from our security guards’ expertise.

Trained and Certified Security Guards

All our security officers are SIA approved and have completed several training programs to ensure they can deliver the highest service standards. Regular training and fitness checks ensure that the best and the fittest are retained on our team. We also have a strict screening method to ensure that all employees’ backgrounds are checked before hiring. From providing manned guarding, concierge services, and live patrolling, to screening your employees and visitors, our security guards offer you a foolproof security system for ensuring your safety and protection. Contact us today to avail the most reliable security guard services in Leeds and surrounding areas.

Safe and Stress-Free Environment

The presence of uniformed security guards affects everyone. Their presence reassures your customers that they can move freely in a safe environment. Your employees also feel that they are in safe hands, and their productivity increases. For criminals and troublemakers, they act as an effective deterrent. Security guards at entry and exit points at commercial sites, such as shopping malls, construction sites, and others, can help you carry out effective screening and prevent theft and burglaries. Our security guards can provide various services tailored to your security requirements.

Security for Special Events

Corporate events such as seminars and conferences witness high traffic; managing these events can take a lot of effort. Our security guards can manage to park, check the visitor list, screen people, and monitor the entire event to ensure everything goes as you want. They can receive your guests and assist them by answering questions. We can cater to events of all types and sizes by customising our services for you.

Live Patrolling

Our security guards can also provide you with live patrolling of your property. This can especially come in handy for large construction sites where expensive raw material and equipment needs to be protected around the clock. The live patrolling units can communicate with a central command unit and provide an immediate response to any security threat or situation. They offer security 24/7 to your entire premises and conduct regular checks throughout the night to ensure safety of your property.